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Honor your Kink is the result, of well exhaustion.  Having spent time on innumerable other adult sites, we just kept feeling that there could be a better way to engage a similar adult community. 

Here, you will have the confidence that we are real; because we are.  Here, we try to vet the right friends that resonate with us.  Here, we do not create fake profiles or hire faux members to interact with you.  We also dont employ bots (even if we did know how to use them).  Just an adult community who prefers to explore comfortably; with confidence and in the company of good people.

Perhaps, a little ole' school; but we are doing our best to keep up!


Honor Your Kink!


Our Community

Our Members are typically:


People who are:

  • Authentic 

  • Confidential

  • Conversational

  • Deep

  • Down to earth

  • Discrete

  • Fun

  • Genuine

  • Honest

  • Humorous

  • Intimate

  • Kind

  • Kinky

  • Openminded

  • Patient

  • Respectful

  • Sapiosexual

  • Smart

  • Thoughtful

  • Understanding

  • Vulnerable

And who:

  • Have a few emotional bumps and scars.

  • Understand chemistry.

  • Are all about sexual freedom.


And can:

  • Create meaningful connections and friendships.

  • Communicate openly.

  • Flirt.

  • Go slowly.

  • Read a room.



  • Respecting consent and all boundaries.



  • Pressure

  • Judgement



  • Play from time to time (without living the lifestyle 24/7).

  • Generally prefer something more consistent, ongoing or long term over, quick blow and go's or one-night stands. 


Who, interestedly enough:

  • Are often coming out of long-term relationships.



Members; not (just a helpful PSA)

We like to “keep our enemies at the gate”. Here are a few things our members are definitely not:

  • All Alpha

  • Arrogant

  • Inconsiderate

  • Mean

  • Selfish       

  • Tone deaf


If this all resonates with you, come inside by signing up now!

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Thanks for joining!

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